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The Youth Wing of Chennai Counselors' Foundation has been established to provide opportunities for knowledge development and experiential learning to budding professionals in Psychology and the allied fields.

Our Vision & Mission

To promote the professional growth of youth in their abilities and specific areas of interest through collaborative team work.

Our Mission

To offer experiential learning to students in Psychology and allied fields.

Our Objective

To offer guidance and supervision in the application of counseling skills, facilitate research, develop and standardize the use of assessment tools and promote other professional activities of our youth members.

Eligibility of Youth Wing

Student members of Chennai Counselors Foundation, Junior Professional Counselors, Post graduate full time, part time and distance education students, under graduate final year full time, part time and distance education students. Age group - between 19 - 30 years.

Criteria for participation in projects

Interested youth members with 3 years subscription will be involved in long term projects. Interested youth members with 1 year subscription will be involved in short term projects.

Proposed activities

  • To collaborate with the concerned departments of educational institutions and assist in filling the gap between theory and application.
  • To coordinate with students and their institutions in the areas of counseling, research, assessment and related areas.
  • To aid youth members in setting career goals, assist in their choice of specialization and hone them to be industry ready.

If you are a student and you wish to be a part of this initiative please send an email to:

For further details contact
Mrs. Mubeen Asif Ali , Coordinator – Youth Wing, Email :, Mobile : +91 72990 38600.

Mrs. Mubeen Asif Ali

Mrs. Mubeen Asif Ali is a post graduate in Psychology with a varied experience that includes a role as a teacher in an international school, counselor dealing with psychological problems associated with neurological disorders, dealing with school children and counseling them to overcome their anxiety and dealing with their academic success, instructor for UCMAS, etc. She is also a counselor certified by CCF’s Academy of Counselors’ Excellence (ACE).