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Case Study Review Meetings

Objective: To provide help the counselors in dealing with clients

Case Study Review Meeting (CSR) takes place every month and will be facilitated by an experienced senior counselor. Counselors present their cases and look for suggestions to deal with the cases. Fellow counselors and the facilitator guide them further.

Academy of Counselors’ Excellence -Training on Counseling and Internship

Objective: To provide a bridge course between theory and practise for beginners in the Counseling profession.

Eligibility Criteria: Minimum qualification will be full time/part time MA, MSc, in any behavioural sciences. Fresh graduates are also welcome

Summary of training:

  • 42 hours of class room lecture, case discussions, quiz and presentations
  • 40 hours of supervised internship in educational /hospital set up which should be completed within 3 months after completion of the course.

Duration of training: 8 weeks class room sessions with 6 hours each week. Classes will be conducted on Sundays. There will be home work, quiz or case study each week and the same should be presented during the following week contact class.

Batch size: 20 students

Qualifying requirement: Students will be taking a written exam consisting of 100 multiple choice questions of the entire curriculum at the eighth week. Candidate must obtain minimum 60 % pass in each module as decided by CCF to receive the certificate of completion.

Barefoot Counseling Training

Barefoot counseling is a 3 day workshop designed for with a view to impart basic skills in counseling.

The participants of the course would learn

  • To elicit information from others and to communicate in an effective manner
  • To improve interpersonal skills
  • To identify problems and solve them
  • To recognize common mental illnesses in people and direct them to the right source for help.

In short the participants would hone their skills to deal with relationships and life by the end of the course.

Batch Size: 25

Eligibility: Any Degree

Disclaimer: This programme does not empower the participant to pursue Counseling profession

For further details contact
Mrs. Arthy Sriram, Coordinator – Training Wing, Email :, Mobile : +91 96000 89550.