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CCF’s research wing was formed in 2010 to gain expertise in the scientific approach, to contribute to the field of Counseling Psychology, and to aid the systematic development of its members. Our Vision is that CCF should be the pioneer in promoting research in the field of Counseling Psychology in South of India


  • To build awareness and promote scientific thinking skills among Counseling psychologists, Educationists and relevant stakeholders in the society.
  • To initiate the uptake of indigenous psychological researches projects and publish the same in leading Indian/ foreign journals.


  • To validate our research in the global academic community.
  • To promote our findings and its application in the society.
  • Develop and standardize tools and establish Indian norms.
  • Paper presentations of outcome studies and projects at the national and international conferences.


  • To conduct national and international seminars in collaboration with educational institutions and other research foundations.
  • To work small or minor research projects from day to day life which would be application oriented and contributive to the society.
  • To have regular workshops developing research skills and proposal/thesis writing.
  • Develop standardized psychological assessment and establish Indian norms. Tools patented by CCF can be sold at affordable rates to qualified eligible psychologists who do assessments.
  • To initiate and submit our research work into the scientific arena and get it published into leading Indian/foreign journals.
  • To gain collaboration with foreign research educational institutes to enable cross cultural learning for our researches.
  • Provide Training for psychologists /counselors from rural areas who can serve their own village and community.
  • To start our own journal for South India.

Research Studies Done

1. The Validation of ‘Quality of Life Scale for Men with Involuntary Childlessness (TLMK)’-Tamil Version - Presented in the 64th Annual National Conference of Indian Psychiatric Society(ANCIPS) 2012 held at Cochin. To read abstract click here.

2. Life Skills Intervention on Resilience- Published in Proceedings of the 4th International Conference on Life Skills Education. ISBN: 978-93-82062-80-6. To read the full paper, click here.

For further details contact
Ms. Divyaprabha S, Coordinator – Research Wing, Email :, Mobile : +91 89394 04576.

Ms. Divyaprabha S

Ms. Divya is a Counseling Psychologist with a Master’s degree in Counseling Psychology.  She is also pursuing her part-time Ph.D in Psychology. Currently working as a school psychologist and as a private practitioner, she offers individual counseling, family counseling, and handles clients with psychological, emotional and behavioral issues. She also conducts training programs for parents and children in areas relating to Psychology. She is also a freelance researcher and has presented and published papers in seminars and journals. Psychology is her passion and she is keen to spread awareness about mental health and believes in spreading positive mental health aspects to the community at large.