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Counseling is gaining popularity not only as an intervention but also as a viable profession that requires a sound academic theoretical framework and in-depth knowledge of various therapeutic interventions. Unfortunately there are self-professed practitioners who believe that a few personal skills and advice are sufficient to deliver counseling services. This, we believe, is very harmful because when dealing with psychological disturbances, practitioners need to have a solid foundation in counseling theories, a set of well developed skills and mastery in a variety of therapeutic intervention strategies. Keeping this need in mind, Chennai Counselors’ Foundation (CCF) has produced a video ‘Skills in Professional Counseling’ which would be a useful guiding tool to students, beginners in the field and those planning to take psychological counseling as a profession.

Title: Skills in Professional Counseling
Concept & Direction: Mrs. Brinda Jayaraman / Mrs. Saras Bhaskar
Cinematography & Editing: N L G Sibi
Produced by:Chennai Counselors’ Foundation
Price of each DVD is Rs. 200/-

Documentary on Parenting As part of Parenting Carnival 2011, CCF collaborated with Shakthi Masala and prepared a documentary on Parenting in Tamil with English Subtitles.

It is a DVD with 2 sets of documentaries. One for the parents of Children aged 0-5 and another is for the parents of Children aged 6-12.

Title:Arinthum Ariyamalalum (About Parenting)
Directed by: Mr. Paarthi
Produced by: Shakthi Masala
Conceptualized by: Chennai Counselors’ Foundation
Acted by: professional actors
Price of eachDVD is Rs. 100.

The documentary explains the causes and consequences of each parenting style by showing how parents and children react in similar situations according to the parenting style