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Ms. Saras Bhaskar

Ms. Saras Bhaskar has several years of Psychological Counseling and HR Management experience. Since her move back from US to India in 2002, she has combined her Counseling and Corporate experience to run her private practice successfully. Her belief is that every human being has the potential to succeed and her mission is to empower people to discover/rediscover their full potential, objectively guide clients, and assist them to incorporate the skills successfully in their daily walks of life. Her ability to work with the strengths of individuals combined with her strong foundation in Applied Psychology and Counseling has given her wide recognition in the field.

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Mrs. Brinda Jayaraman

Brinda Jayaraman is a master degree holder in Psychology with post graduate diploma in Guidance & counseling and has also gained knowledge through numerous short term counseling courses on Addiction, AIDS, Marital Problems and on Childhood/ Adolescent Behavior Disorders in University of Washington, USA in 1997.

She has also excelled by doing her M.Phil at Mother Teresa University in 2006. Her work experience constitutes of being teacher for five years from 1964 to 1969, and in to counseling from 1993.

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