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Chennai Counselors' Foundation has conducted the following programs since its inception on Feb. 2004

Month & Year Name of the event Details
Jan - "Healing Inner Conflicts" Workshop - View Invitation
Nov - "Counseling Approaches" Book Lanuch - View Invitation
Jul - Gestalt Therapy - View Invitation
Jul - ACE 2017 - View Invitation
Jun - Drama Therapy - View Invitation
May - MCMF Certification - View Invitation
Jan - Workshop on Positive Psychology - View Invitation
Nov - Trauma Counseling - Role of a counselor - View Invitation
Nov - Workshop on Innovations in Cognitive Learning - View Invitation
Sep - Workshop on Mind Mapping - View Invitation
Jun - Workshop on Pay Therapy - View Invitation
May - Counseling CBSE students - View Invitation
Jan - Workshop on Forgiveness - View Invitation
Nov - Workshop on Empathy - View Invitation
Sep - Psychodrama - An action methodology - View Invitation
Sep - Training and Internship on School Counseling - View Invitation
Jul - Human Biography in relation to Counseling - View Invitation
Jun - ACE- Training & Internship on Marriage, Family & Child counseling - Training Program by CCF
Jun - Guest lecture on "Workplace Interventions for Stress Endurance (WISE) – a systems approach" - View Invitation
Apr - Annual General Body Meeting - All Members
Jan - Guest Lecture on Role of Counseling in Criminology Settings - Dr. C. Sylendra Babu IPS, ADGP, Coastal Security Group, Tamil Nadu
Dec - Adlerian Utsav - Dr. Wes Winget (USA), a diplomat in Adlerian Psychology
Nov - Launch of Educational Film - Fundamental Skills Counseling - Dr. Veena Esvaradoss, Associate Professor & Head, Department of Psychology, WCC
Sep - Guest Lecture on Grief Counseling - Mrs. Suajatha Niranjan, Organ Donation Grief Counselor, MOHAN foundation
Jul - Guest Lecture on Role of Counseling in Pain Management and Palliative Care. - Dr. Mallika Tiruvadanan D.A., MNAMS (Anaes), Dip. In Palliative Medicine (Aus.), Adjunct Professor- The Tamilnadu Dr. MGR Med.Univ., National Faculty, IAPC and Consultant, Lakshmi Pain and Palliative Care Trust
Jun - Three Day Workshop on Career Guidance - Mrs. Arundati Swamy, Career Counselor
Jun - Workshop on "Techniques to deal with Adolescents" - Prof. K. Veerapandian, Assistant Professor, Department of Counselling Psychology, Madras School of Social Work, Egmore.
May - Comparison among Nuerolinguistic Programming (NLP), Transactional Analysis (TA) and Hypnotherapy. - Mr. Muthiya Ramanathan, President, Hypnotic Circle.
Mar - Annual General Body Meeting - All members
Mar - Aging Gracefully - Community Service programme - Dr. Ravi Samuel, Cognitive Behavior Psychotherapist
Jan - Academy of Counselors Excellence - 8 Weekend Training Programme for Beginers - Experts in the field
Jan - Guest Lecture on Counseling Techniques to deal with the Adolescents - Prof. K. Veerapandian, Assistant Professor & Head, Department of Counselling Psychology, Madras School of Social Work, Egmore.
Dec - Seminar on Sensitizing College Principals about the importance of Counseling - In Colloboration with University of Madras and MOP Vaishnav College for Women
Nov - Guest Lecure on Counseling based on Yoga - Approach to mind - Dr. Latha Satish, Psychologist and Managing Trustee, Krishnamacharya Yoga Mandiram
Sep - Barefoot Counselors Training for Non-Psychologists - View Invitation
Sep - Guest Lecure on Multiple Sclerosis - Need for Counseling - Ms. Ann Gonsalvez, Multiple Sclerosis Society of India – Chennai Chapter
Jul - Ancient Indian Models of Peronality Development - View Invitation
May - Building Resilience for Mental Health Professionals - Dr. Sathianathen M.D (Psych), D.P.M., M.P.H., (USA), Senior Consultant Psychiatrist & Prof of Psychiatry, Sri Ramachandra Medical Centre, Chennai & Former Director, Institute of Mental Health (IMH)
Mar - Unwind 2013 - Annual General Body Meeting
Dec - Sexuality Education- Significance and Challenges - Mrs. Jaya Iyappan
Aug - Fertility Management Counselling - Dr.Kavita Gawtham, Bloom Fertility Centre
Jun - Essence of Disablity Counselling - Mrs. Sivakami M.S(U.S)
May - Personality Disorders-An overview- Does clinical and Counseling intervention help? - DR.Mohan Raj, Consultant Psychiatrist
May - Personality Disorders-An overview- Does Clinical and Counseling intervention help? - Dr. Mohan Raj, Consultant Psychiatrist
Jan - Academy of Counselors Execellence-Training on Counselling and Internship - CCF Panel of Counselor Trainers
Jan - Guest Lecture: Understanding Human Brain - Dr.Prithika Chary
Oct - Guest Lecture: Giftedness in Children - Dr. Devasena Desai, Consultant Psychologist, Pune
Sep - Guest lecture: Sensory Perceptual Disorders - Ms. Sowmya Surendranathan
Jul - Root to Fruit -Parenting Carnival - Parenting Carnival
Jun - Guest Lecture: Counseling Members of the Rainbow Community - Gender Identity and Sexual Orientation Issues - Ms. Magdalene Jeyaratnam
Oct - Saturday , 30th October, 2010 between 5pm - 7pm The topic is "Ethics Induction & Ethical guidelines" at "Ranjith" Apartments, 14/82, 1st Avenue, Indra Nagar, Chennai - 20. - Meeting
Sep - "Couples Counseling" - two day workshop in September, 2010 Based on Adlerian Philosophy that is culture friendly - View Invitation
Aug - Recognizing and managing resistance in counseling profession - View Invitation
Feb - WORK/LIFE BALANCE - Guest Lecture
Jun - Orientation to Couples Counseling - Interactive Session
Apr - Sexual Intimacy in Marriage - Guest Lecture
Feb - The Art of Encouragement - Interactive Session
Dec - Neuropsychiatric Evaluation - Workshop
Dec - Cognitive Behavior Therapy - Workshop
Nov - Proactive Parenting - Workshop
Aug - Ethics in Counseling Practice - Workshop
Jun - Bio - psychological factors in dealing with geriatric clients - Interactive Seminar
May - Pre K - 7 th - Class room management - Workshop
Mar - Therapeutic approach to psychosomatic illnesses - Interactive Seminar
Feb - Special needs in children - Is not a glass ceiling - Interactive Seminar
Dec - "Case studies" - Discussion among members
Nov - Ethics in Counseling Practice - Interactive Session
Oct - Cognitive therapy - Interactive Session
Jul - Workshop on documentation - Part 2 Workshop for counselors
Mar - Third Anniversary Celebrations & General Body Meeting - Meeting
Nov - "Counseling & wrap-around Services" A panel discussion - Expert Panelists: (Dr. Radha Shankar, Dr. Mohan Raj Dr. Balakrishnan & Ms. Lalitha Ramanujam)
Sep - "Co-morbidity in Mental illness" - Dr. Nambi
Jul - "Assessment – A necessary tool for therapeutic intervention" - Ms. Sangeetha Madhu
Mar - "Social and ethical responsibilities of a counselor" - Ms. Lakshmy Parameshwaran (USA)
Feb - "Marital success" - A three day workshop Dr. Betty Lou Bettner.
Feb - "Parenting today for a better tomorrow" - A three day workshop Dr. Betty Lou Bettner (From USA)
Dec - "Parental support to children with special needs" - Ms. Bala Raghunathan
Oct - "Domestic violence - The dynamics and Dispelling myths" - Dr. Prasanna Poornachandra
Aug - "The Personality in your brain" - Dr. E. S. Krishnamoorthy
Apr - "Music in Psychotherapy" - Dr. Mohan D. Sundaraj
Feb - "Challenges in Addiction counseling" - Dr. Shanthi Ranganathan
Dec - "Dealing with pre-adolescence (6-12)" - Dr. Vidya Thirumurthy (USA)
Dec - "Suicide - The insidious Challenge" - Dr. Lakshmi Vijayakumar
Oct - "Interdisciplinary approaches in treatment of depression" - Dr. S. Mohanraj
Aug - "Challenges in Couples counseling" - Dr. Vijay Nagaswami
Jun - "The Ethical Issues in Family Counselling" - Dr. Catherine Bernard Haliburn
Mar - "Legal issues in Family Counseling" - Hon Justice Prabha Sridevan
Feb - "Adoption counseling" - Dr. Rene Hoksbergan, (Nederlands)
Nov - Sexuality Education- Significance and Challenges - View Invitation
Nov - Workshop on Mind Mapping - View Invitation
Nov - Workshop on Innovations in Cognitive Learning - View Invitation