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Career Guidance and Career Planning for Students of class X and class XII

The Chennai Counselors’ Foundation® (CCF) offers a comprehensive career planning programme consisting of Career Personality Profiling, Aptitude and Motivation Assessment that will help students make positive choices about academics, life and work.

Contemporary career guidance is about finding a career that suits one’s personality and includes most of one’s interests. Our major goal is to assist students/parents through a methodical and thoughtful process which will facilitate exploration and decision making about their academic and career choices.

Students are often in a dilemma as they struggle to balance family and social pressures and expectations from within themselves, with the desire to make career choices that ensure lifelong fulfillment.
I. Personality Profile Assessment for Std.10 students.
The students of Std. X will be required to make critical decisions about their choice of subjects that they wish to pursue at the +2 level. The Objective of the half day program is to help students develop their Career Personality Profile upon which they can make informed choices about their subject track for Stds. 11 and 12. Parents or guardians are required to be present along with the student.
2. Career Personality Profiling and Aptitude Assessment for Std. 12 students
The students of Std. Xll will be required to make critical decisions about their higher education and fields of study. These decisions will form the foundation of their future career path, and must therefore be made with the utmost care.

The objective of the two half day programs is to assist students in determining their future career path based on their personality, aptitude and motivation.

CCF has over 10 trained professionals to offer the C & G program at schools and colleges. For further information, you may contact Dr. Vasuki Mathivannan @ 98407 32055.